The wind was cold and the tee times being 15 minutes apart was a bit much -- will trim them down to 10 minutes at Coldwater.  Thirty-four guys braved the wind, cold, and virus to take part in the first tournament of the 2020 season. with all of the different news about Virus 19, we want to make sure we remain safe.  Congratulations to Joel Harris (closes to the Pin on hole # 6 and Monty Kelly on #16. 

2019 Survey Recap

Sept. 16, 2019

Update on the season-ending 2019 survey.

63 people took part in this year’s survey. 

The first question which asked everyone to rate the courses played this season from “I can’t wait to play it again”  to “I don’t want to play it again” – each course could receive only one (1) number in this ranking, which confused some individuals. 

Q1: From the “I can’t wait to play” to “I don’t want to play” the results were the following:

Medalist, Cedar Creek, Duck Lake, The Grande, Bedford, Stonehedge, Angels, riverside, Arbor Hills, Binder Park and Bella Vista.

Q2: This question asked individuals to check the courses they would like to play this coming 2020 season.  Higher costs have to be anticipated, but I didn’t figure that Battle Creek CC would want to charge to play non-members in as large as this group happens to be-- $100 per player.

Members wanted the schedule to be made up of the following courses (in the order preferred)—

Medalist, Bedford, Duck Lake, Stonehedge, Arbor Hills, Battle Creek CC (cost), Riverside, Angles, Coldwater Golf Course (they have a 30 league at 10AM and women’s league at 4PM- both on Tuesday.  They are wide open on Friday and would love to have us there), Cedar Creek.  The rest of the courses did not receive 50% or more votes for next year. 

Q3:  61.90 wanted Lunch on the Go” whenever possible.

Q4: 68.25 wanted the schedule to begin the first Tuesday in May and end the first Tuesday in September.

Q5: 68.25 wanted an “Awards dinner” and financials on the last tournament.

Q6:  93.65 wanted to change the bottom courses and try some new ones.  We have that opportunity—there is also a great course in Angola, IN  (Glendarin Hills for example.)

Q7: Q7 had to do with those who felt that would play next year—92.06% felt they would play; 1.59% have decided not to play and 6.35% don’t know if they will play or not.

Q8: This question had to do with ideas or concerns that may have been left out—Some wanted to clarify the rules about “gimmy” putts – how about not over 12” although some of those are the very hardest. We do have the “double par” rule in effect this past year. Several others wanted the tee times to be earlier if possible (around 10AM similar to the Grande).  This might be a good idea as one of the reasons we have had to go to 11:00 and 11:30 this past year was because we were running into afternoon leagues. 

Thanks to everyone who participated both in the survey and the league.  It is your league.  I just like to play different courses.

Mike Oliver